Tara’s Danger Mouse

WTCH Twin Oaks No Bull Rush
Tara’s Lil Rippa STDcsd


DOB 1.20.18 / ASCA #204684

First off, whats up with the name, “Danger Mouse?” – I seem to have a theme of naming my dogs aggressive things so we thought we’d soften it. It’s from a British Cartoon I watched when I was a kid. It will all make sense if you watch the opening video:

So, there you go.

Danger’s litter was produced with an eye of producing future breeding dogs that would bring power and confidence (along with being put together nicely) to the next generation of Aussies. I’m pretty proud to say that he seems to be shaping up that way.

He’s got an outgoing, friendly temperament, good off button, is super biddable and smart and highly athletic.

We’ve had him on goats and sheep and he is a lot of dog, but that’s what I wanted and was hoping for. Can’t wait to see how he turns out. If he continues this way, we will be standing him at stud to approved bitches.


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