Puppies BORN 1/20/18 out off  Rippa!

If you are looking to add some power to your breeding program with a cross full of breed greats, and parents tested in real life conditions, this is the litter for you!

We have one, maybe two ,male pups available. Cattle working homes ONLY.

About the litter:

  • I am hoping that these dogs will be strong cattle dogs, not recommended for novices to the breed or working Aussie, or pet homes. While they will have the intelligence, drive, and biddability to succeed in other dog sports or in trials, my emphasis is on preserving the power that Rippa brings by pairing her with a dog that has the same and has been tested as a working ranch dog.
  • Qualities I’m looking for with this litter: confidence, ability to work independently without a lot of commands and make good choices, power and desire to handle difficult stock.
  • They will likely be reserved with strangers, protective of their property and family, and have bite to them when working.
  • Priority to working ranches or farms and fellow or aspirant breeders looking to produce ranch dogs.
  • The dogs should turn on to stock fairly soon and be a useful ranch hand earlier than some slower maturing lines, but do need some time to grow up before using for chores.
  • It is paramount to us that your working partner stay as useful for as long as possible, so we look for sound animals with healthy and long lived backgrounds.

About the parents:

  • Rush’s trial exposure has been limited because he’s a using dog on a working cattle dog. He WTChd in two weekends and is very competitive because he has a lot of experience and grip to back it up. He comes from a line of some of the best west coast working dogs around, fused with the lines that I’ve based my foundation on. He’s going to be bringing in the blood of some California breed greats to the lines I already have, and along with that a very friendly temperament to balance Rippa’s more strong reserve and a looser eye to Rippa’s harder one. Both dogs work by putting a lot of pressure on the cattle and use bark occasionally to move them before gripping. Both dogs hit heads and heels – Rush more heels and Rippa more heads, but fairly balanced in both of them.
  • Rush has a couple litters on the ground, and the pups he’s produced are soft to handlers, keen to work as a team, snappy, natural outruns, and easy trainability.
  • This is RIppa’s first and likely only litter. I recently sent her to Sherry Baker for training because I wanted to know what a good handler could do with her. She came back with a lot nicer balance and a lot of fine tuning I hadn’t been able to get on her. She told me that Rippa reminds her of what she thinks her best cowdog Zippin (who is Rush’s mother) would have been like with a novice trainer. That comment, along with the results of her training made me confident that she can add something to the breed. In her early days, I was told she could be a finals contender, but I have a long way to go to train to that level.
  • I think one of the things I really like best about Rips is what she’s shown me when I’m NOT trying to train her. She’s gathered cattle in forests when we were hiking blindly and brought them to us, after being gone for twenty minutes and us thinking she was just lost. That’s hard for a green dog to do with all the trees and probably not dog broke cattle. She’s wonderful at staying calm at the head and holding her ground when she needs to and I love using her as a chore and pen dog when precision training isn’t needed. She gets the job done without direction once she knows what you want.
  • Both dogs have had standard genetic testing done along with hip and elbow x-rays and have come back healthy. We can supply further details as needed.
  • Both dogs are pretty happy dogs, with Rush being more friendly to strangers and Rippa is a great town and family dog in that she doesn’t insert herself where she’s not wanted and can go anywhere because of it, as well as is tolerant of EVERYTHING. Vets love her because you can do anything to her without her complaining about it. We love stoicism and adaptability.

About how we raise puppies:

  • Our puppies are raised in our home and are exposed to people, other animals, and taken on adventures when it is safe for them. We do some conditioning with them to help early potty training, some early obedience training, and do kind neurological stimulation from an early age to help them be tractable to discomfort.
  • We guarantee them to work and we will take back any dog, for any reason.
  • We will support you throughout the life of the dog.
  • We do not require spay/neuter contracts.
  • We rehome our puppies between 8-12 weeks. We prefer to keep the pups later for people new to these lines of Aussies to ensure they do not go through a major fear period during the new home transition.

About reserving one:

  • If you would like to join our waitlist, please email me. We already have a pretty full list; we recommend you contact us early – again, priority to ranch homes who will use and potentially breed these pups to continue what we started. While we don’t take deposits, we will take names, and I will be asking what you’re looking for, and do my best to match resultant pups with the homes that fit best.
  • Puppies will not be assigned owners until their personalities have manifested for best fit and long term success as a working partner, likely 6-8 weeks depending on need of owner.
  • We ship, though charge for delivery as the nearest shipping airport is 4 hours away, and can you host for pickup.
  • We will test the puppies on ducks before going to their homes and potentially before assignment. They will go home with eye clearances, registration papers, and up to date on shots.
  • Our puppies are raised in our home and are exposed to people, other animals, and taken on adventures when it is safe for them. We guarantee them to work and we will take back any dog, for any reason. We will support you throughout the life of the dog.
  • Prices will be between $500-700 – depending on how much the litter costs to produce. We will not be making money on this, we want to get good dogs in working homes, so hoping to not lose too much. Pricing will be the same for each puppy. I am open to creative financing or co ownership on pups.


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