Tara’s Lil Rippa STDcsd DNA VP


Red bi Australian Shepherd

WTCH Birch Hollow’s Habenero OFTDs RTDcs HRDIIs


C-Me Fury and the Mire of Tara STDc CD RS-E GS-O JS-E DNA-VP


DOB 12.26.2010 / ASCA #E166263
18″, 35# – She is not a mini.

Eyes clear, hips good (PennHIP), elbows good, cleared of CEA, catarcts, MDR1, PRA, carrier of degenerative myelopathy

She’s got some hard eye and real power and bite in her toolbox. Prefers heading (poll vs nose) and has enough power that heeling isn’t usually necessary, but she applies it judiciously on occasion, does not have a real low heel, but she doesn’t get into trouble with it as it’s still on the hock. Has the ability to back off and stand off her stock as well. Natural driver and fetcher. Works tight and has a solid sense of group. She really, really hates leaving stock behind.

She figures out chores quickly and prefers them to the rigid command and small herd numbers of the trial environment. As long as she knows what you’re trying to do, she gets the job done largely on her own but takes commands well when needed – great little pen and chore dog for sure. I’m very, very happy with her on stock – she’s a thinking dog, which her mother is not, and it’s giving me enough time to become a better handler and hopefully bring out her full potential. She’s exactly the kind of dog I was hoping to produce.

I’m not the best trial handler or trainer, and it’s not really my passion (compared to just working the dogs and livestock) so  I feel I have to keep her really ratcheted down on the small herds of cattle as she’s got a lot of power and bite to her and ASCA trials don’t reward that, so I’m paranoid we’ll get too western. Friends have told me I just need to let her work and we’d do better. I’m still learning!

She’s an interesting little dog – the gears are always turning and I didn’t actually think she’d turn into a good obedience/agility dog because although her early exposures to stock were super promising, she just didn’t seem to have the fire her mother did for learning off of the animals. It turns out she does learn differently and when she does get it, she is an awesome dog to play with. I’ve an focused on stock with her as that’s our main interest, though she does have a couple legs in agility after two trials for fun.

She minds her manners but doesn’t like strangers imposing on her, especially rude, friendly dogs. After you let her have some time to warm up, she will leap into your lap and lick you to death (she gets this from her mom) or paw your face (we do not love this). She has an amazing off switch and is pretty happy hanging out, waiting for you to need her.

As she’s gotten older, she’s really turned into a ball and frisbee dog – I got pregnant and couldn’t work so she applied her drive there. She’s a great rodent catcher, as well. Overall, she’s a great little ranch dog and we’re excited about her.

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Here’s Rippa’s video playlist, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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