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Hi, we’re Kristin (formerly McNamara) and Yishai Horowitz of Los Osos, California.

I (Kristin) have been in the breed since 1992, starting with my first dog who I exhibited in conformation and junior handling. Since then, I’ve participated in obedience, agility, and stock trialling, as well. I got so much out of this experience that I’ve spent most of my Aussie ownership years giving back to the community in the form of education, committee service, and junior handling judging (one of my favorite things to do). It has also given much back to me.

I am proud to have been heavily involved in ASCA, the Aussie parent club, serving as past treasurer and member of its Board of Directors, along with a former member of the Strategic Planning, Breed Standard Review, DNA, education, and Junior committees. I was the only rescue representative on the Central Coast of California for four or so years, had to give it up because of time constraints. I do a little behavior consulting, training advice, kennel checks, and home placing when called upon to do so. I help local rancher friends with cattle drives and sheep wrangling, when called to do so, putting my Animal Science coursework at Cal Poly to use whenever I can. I currently serve on the board of the Australian Shepherd Genetics and Health Institute and am one of the principals of WorkingAussieSource.

Despite my 3/4 of a degree in large animal husbandry, my career didn’t take me there. We run climbing gyms on the Central Coast, along with an events business based in town here. Currently living in town and going off-site to work our dogs, we’re saving to get a small ranch of our own one of these days and start a cattle operation. We currently have a flock of ducks off site as well as sheep, and five chickens at the house that the dogs pulse graze with me in the spring.

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