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Hi, my name is Kristin Tara Horowitz (nee McNamara) and I’ve been in Australian Shepherds for over 20 years. This website was started as a hobby project in 1992 and has been through a lot of changes (obviously, do you REMEMBER what websites were like back then?).  My aim of this site is to provide as much unbiased information about the breed that I can.

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The red dog (Trekki) and I at an AKC show – my gateway drug into the breed.

I got my first dog in 1992 and went on to show him in ASCA conformation and junior showmanship,  until he died tragically from a euthanasia complication at 2.5 years. It broke my heart.


Dusty and I in high school.

My second dog was born shortly after that to a little of two dogs I totally loved owned by my mentor. I picked him as soon as he popped out (which is probably not the best way to pick a dog, just FYI) and he was my constant companion through high school and college until I lost him, also tragically, to the first case of canine Valley Fever in California. We did Junior Showmanship and conformation until I decided he probably wasn’t going to go anywhere with it (well, I was pretty good at Juniors, but he wasn’t getting a championship), and we dabbled in obedience and agility but he wasn’t super good at it (and I probably wasn’t the best trainer), so we just became buddies. I tried herding with him when I got to college, but alas, he didn’t have the chops.


The Fury and I, just after our first litter.


Rippa and I at a stockdog trial.

When he died, I got The Fury, and we had some amazing adventures together. I really got into the stockdog thing, and when I wasn’t doing that, we were travelling the country on climbing trips and other adventures.. I got a job in grad school training a whole kennel full of Aussies for just about everything so we also got pretty great at agility as we were practicing both. She was my first “stockdog” type and it was a hard adjustment from a friendly dog to a very aware, very protective dog. But she’s been an amazing adventure partner and taught me a lot about what an Aussie should be/could be. I decided that she had enough going for her that she contribute to the breed and so we had a litter (my first litter with Tara Aussies) and kept back a puppy, who I’ve been really delving into the stockdog journey with.

In the meantime, I’ve managed a number of dog websites and forums, served on numerous committees for ASCA, culminating in serving as ASCA’s board member and treasurer. I’ve gotten out of the club aspect of things in favor of work I can do as an individual, but still can’t help myself from wanting to talk Aussies as long as I can. I’m grateful to count some of the best people in the breed as mentors, and all it takes is asking questions! I suggest you do the same!

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