Session 11: Richard Pittman

“Whenever we were going to make a decision . . . throw out what everybody thinks and do what’s best for the breed.” – Richard Pittman about his and Terry Martin’s partnership on the ASCA Board. I always thought I

Session 9: Mike Ryan

“The fact is, rather than hating them, ask – what have they got to benefit me?” – Mike Ryan I think that this podcast is going to set the Aussie world on fire. I don’t say that lightly. Jeanne Joy

Session 8 – Lois George – Text edition

I had so hoped this would be a new podcast, but you get a write up instead. It’s been years in the waiting for me. Today I got to do something on my bucket list! I met Lois George of

Session 7 – Dana Mackenzie

“Wow, that woman sounds incredibly sweet, and incredibly knowledgeable.” – My husband after I recorded this podcast. That about sums up this podcast. Dana Mackenzie of Hearthstone Aussies is a sometime breeder, longtime judge (for a number of different venues),

Session 6 – Phil Wildhagen

Phil Wildhagen is not a name you see a lot these days, but while I was just getting into Aussies, he was still well-known judge – in fact, he gave me my first best junior handler award! As you’ll hear from

Session 5: Terry Martin of Slash V Aussies

Terry Martin is one of the most well-rounded breed influencers you could ask for –  coming up on 50 years in Aussies, a conformation breeder judge, a longtime supplier of Aussies to ranches and other working homes, ASCA board member,

Session 4: Terri Morgan of Calais Aussies

Terri Morgan has been in the breed long enough to have a huge impact, and thank goodness for that – her dogs are sound, she’s an excellent example of the kind of open and ethical breeders we hope to encounter,

Session 3: CA Sharp of ASHGI

CA Sharp

CA Sharp is the inspiration for this podcast: we’ve been sharing a couple hours in the car for sheep lesson commutes and talking about the dogs and dog clubs (amongst other things) and I was learning so much, I thought

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Session 2: Gina Larson of Windmill Aussies

Gina Larson

Gina’s been in Aussies a good, long time – 30 + years – starting out with the classic “I got a dog from my horse trainer” and moving into the conformation and obedience world, she transitioned to agility . .

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Session 1: Intro to the podcast and Kristin Tara Horowitz

An avid listener to business and other podcasts, I’ve been thinking about how blessed I am to hear the stories from Australian Shepherd greats and wishing that someone would archive all those stories. Someone, as it turns out, is me.

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