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You can get all the information this site – direct to your Kindle or other reading device! Guide to Aussies. It contains all of the information on this site and more!

Are you wondering if the Australian Shepherd is right for you? Debating between a puppy or adult? Know what you want but don’t know where to start? Looking for tips to ongoing Aussie-related problems?

Well, you’re in luck! Combining existing articles from the knowledge base of this website, we bring you up-to-date information on selecting, raising, and training your Australian Shepherd. The only guide you’ll ever need to enjoying your pet Aussie, this eBook comes with links to the very best Aussie sites on the web, videos, pedigree database, and personal contact information for any and all Aussie-related questions.

It’s time to make the relationship with your Australian Shepherd the best it can be – and Guide to Aussies is your ticket to success!

An In-Depth guide to the Australian Shepherd origins and temperament . . . so you can make the right decisions about what dog is right for you.

  • Lists of questions to ask breeders . . . so you can make educated choices with your money.
  • Resources for rescue and pound adoptions . . . so you don’t have to fumble in the dark looking for what you want.
  • Advice for that first night together and beyond . . . so you get started on the right foot.
  • Common problems and solutions . . . so you can stop them before they start – including an indepth section on aggression!

All written in a quick, engaging read. Why read three hundred pages when you can get exactly what you want, with personal support, in under 50?

The table of contents includes:
– Is the breed right for you?
– First things first: just what is an Australian Shepherd?
– Temperament
– Aussies Compared to Other Breeds
– Living in different situations
– Getting a Puppy or Adult
– Male or female?
– Where to Find an Aussie
– What to Ask a Breeder
– Tail Docking
– Cost
– Color
– The First Night
– Feeding
– Introducing Your New Dog to the Family
– Taking Time To Look at Your Dog’s Pedigree
– Training
– Health
– Grooming
– Toxic Foods and Plants
– Aussie Activities
– “Herding Children”
– Aggression
– Saying Goodbye

The following are the best traditional books available on Aussies and general dog care:

Australian Shepherd specific:

General Training

Conformation handling