Breeder / Litter Listings wanted to reach out to its audience of new and returning Aussie people and help provide a simpler Australian Shepherd breeder and litter listing from reputable breeders known in the community.

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Our listings include:

  • health clearances
  • pedigrees
  • registries
  • a quick-look guide to find the type of dog you need/want – whether it’s a companion, a sport dog, a show dog, or a stockdog

Get the most comprehensive information about your potential puppy’s breeder from a place you trust – because the more you know, the more you can be sure that your new family addition is exactly what you were looking for!


If you’re an Australian Shepherd breeder – you know that people coming to you from this site are looking to be educated and will likely provide better homes than other listing services bring in.

Listing of puppies or breeders is not a stamp of approval of any individual. Listings may be removed at any time for any reason. Please do not contact this site about grievances of any kind. We are not in the business of mediation! Podcast | History | Training | Advice with Kristin tara Horowitz
Interviews with breed greats, training advice, history, and more!

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