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While there are other breeder listings out there on the web that are comprehensive, none offer quick information to get you started on your search for a puppy or stud dog, nor are they kept up to date. With this in mind, this site offers breeder listings by State/Territory/Country to take advantage of the large network of new Aussie and old Aussie people alike looking for dogs.

Listing eligibility: This is an Australian Shepherd listing only, no minis, mixes, or anything else.

Grounds for refusal: The administrator of reserves the right to refuse listing to anyone, for any reason. This is likely due to conditions that would make breeder disreputable. Submissions to the site are not automatic reputability endorsements by the administrator or site itself.

To submit a litter listing, click here. Litter listings cost $10 per submission.

To submit a breeder listing, click here.

Sample breeder listing:


DSCF1648Tara Australian Shepherds

  • 805 748 1478
  • Companion / Dog sports / Stockdog – hobby / Stockdog – ranch
  • ASCA Registered
  • Hip Testing /Eye Testing /Genetic Testing  / DNA Parentage Verified

We are a small hobby kennel dedicated to preserving the old style of working Australian Shepherd while maintaining the highest structural and personality standards, ensuring long useful, athletic life as a companion and working partner. Podcast | History | Training | Advice with Kristin tara Horowitz
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