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Chris Bersbach Photography

I’m Kristin Tara Horowitz, author of most of the content you find at  Whether you’re new to Aussies or looking to get a more indepth picture of the breed, this page is for you! If contains the information need to make good choices for your dog quickly!

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Articles and Learning

If you’ve got those burning questions that keep you up at night about Australian Shepherds, it’s my goal to answer those. You can find your info one of two ways: navigating the learning menu above or searching for what you need on any page to the right in the search box. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know! I’ll do my best to answer your question and continue to add to this site!


Ever since the web became a “thing,” I’ve been working hard to bring lovers of Aussies together. This site has a presence on Facebook in the form of a group and page, but it also has a wonderful community of diverse Aussie lovers at AussieBoard – an online forum for posting questions, brags, photos, etc.

We have also launched a new breeder/litter listing that includes detailed information for those looking for a dog – please check us out and support the page!

Photo Archives

In an effort to preserve wonderful Aussie images, I have created a Coppermine database for storing and sharing all of your dog photos by decade. Go through photos from the 1800s to today and see how the Aussie has changed (and hasn’t)!

Video Archives

I’ve been fortunate to have been sent some amazing videos, and as a result, I’ve done the best I can to upload these videos to a special channel on YouTube for historical Aussie stuff – you’ll definitely want to check out my most popular video – the great Jay Sisler doing tricks with his dogs:

My Trusted Partner

For those of you wondering how the magic happens, a lot of it is due to LinkSky, my Website Host Provider. Based in Northern California, this team is on it, and has been for over a decade for me. They update their offerings constantly, stay abreast of everything you could possibly need, and any downtime from this site is entirely due to user error from me, never them. A site this big can only work with the best providers, and that’s LinkSky.


If you’re looking for all of the learning in a nice, convenient package, then head on over to and pick up my eBook! You can read all of my material here (plus much more) in an easy-to-read format:Australian Shepherd Book

I Appreciate You!

I’m not the best guru for Australian Shepherds out there, I just like learning things and sharing what I learn. I’ll do my best to help you if you reach out to me, and in the meantime, enjoy your voyage into Aussie knowledge! Podcast | History | Training | Advice with Kristin tara Horowitz
Interviews with breed greats, training advice, history, and more!

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