Brusha, brusha, brusha . . . For a long time no one ever thought that brushing a pet’s teeth was important. Do not neglect your Aussie’s teeth!

RAWHIDE and BEEF BONES also help eliminate tartar. DENTAL FLOSS toys can also be good. HARD CHEW TOYS and DOG TREATS will assist in removing plaque and their is also a SPECIALLY FORMULATED DOG FOOD designed to remove plaque as the dog chews the food. It’s always good to give DOG BISCUITS and DRY FOOD helps as well. Moist and semi-moist foods contribute to the problem. Foul breath or brown teeth are a good indication that your dog needs veterinary attention.

nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with EmbraceTry to start as soon as possible at teachng your dog to tolerate tooth scaling. They have special tooth scalers for dogs and a good once over even once every six months can prevent tartar and plaque build up, which leads to bad breath, tooth decay, and tooth law. Being brave and careful in doing it, you can save yourself tons of money down the road and much heartache.  Scaling should be done from the gums to the tip of the tooth.

You can also have a vet clean your dog’s teeth, but it is best to avoid having your dog under anesthetic as much as possible.