Aussie Activities

The dogs need a job. Whether it’s a friend, fetching the paper, or formal competition, consider doing something with them.

Stock dog training, obedience training, agility handling, and conformation competition not up your alley? That’s okay – your Aussie is sure something is . . . take a look at the following dog sports that Australian Shepherds have been successful in, if not dominating, at least having fun at!

  • Agility – get the obstacles as a team, and go lickety-split!
  • Conformation – does your dog look and move like the breed standard asks for?
  • Stockdog – Aussies doing what they were bred to do!
  • Obedience – Classic competitions or simply training your dog to be the best companion he or she can be.
  • Canine Freestyle – A new take on your basic obedience, freestyle is a training routine set to music. You’ve got to see it to believe it!
  • Frisbee/Disc – This is a dog sport the Aussie has dominated for a while, with its agility, speed, jumping ability, and enjoyment of fetching, of course!
  • Tracking – Scent trailing has always been a strong quality of the Australian shepherd.
  • Flyball – A relay game consisting of hurdles and fetching with a team, Aussies are well-suited for this sport.
  • Protection/Schutzhund – The Australian shepherd temperament includes being a protector and a number of Aussies have qualified in competitive schutzhund competition
  • Sledding/Skijorring – Seen in the photo above, if you have an Aussie, you know it more than likely will drag you around if you let it – let that desire work for you in colder climates!
  • Carting/Weight Pulling – Same story – but for warmer climates.
  • Search and Rescue – A number of proud Aussies serve FEMA and local disaster-relief organizations as SAR dogs.
  • Therapy – Many Aussies have such kind temperaments that they are happy to share their soft fur and warm licks at hospitals and elder care facilities around the nation.
  • Barn Hunt – have your dog find rats for titles!
  • Lure Coursing – Originally for sighthounds to test their instincts, Aussies love it too!

And, you don’t need to do something organized to get your dog to use his or her brain: trick train!

And why not learn how to massage your dog? You’ll both enjoy it!