Conformation Showing

Ch. Chance at the World Dog Show

Get a look into the life of a show dog!

Conformation is a fun pursuit that has been around for over 100 years. Originally intended to be a meeting point for high society to show off their blue-blood breeding stock, the middle class has picked up the sport and nearly everyone has at least heard of a dog show. Individuals bring their dogs to compete against other quality specimens for a chance at being chosen by that day’s judge as the finest specimen of the breed. In all-breed shows, dogs then go against other breeds in the same fashion. While prize money is rare, the emotional payback is high, and though it seems easy to parade your dog around the ring and make her stand – it’s not. Lots of training, conditioning, and grooming go into making these dogs winners.

The Australian Shepherd pictured on this page is Multiple Champion Caitland Isle Take a Chance, Chance, and he is shown winning Best In Show at Crufts (England) over 22,000 dogs of all breeds at the World’s greatest dog show. We’re all very proud of him.

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