Session 2: Gina Larson of Windmill Aussies

Gina LarsonGina’s been in Aussies a good, long time – 30 + years – starting out with the classic “I got a dog from my horse trainer” and moving into the conformation and obedience world, she transitioned to agility . . . and then one day there was a puppy that rocked her world.

In this session, we find out about:

  • Where “Windmill,” her kennel name came from
  • How she went about getting Hall of Fame status for her breeding program and her dogs
  • How she ended up getting into the working program
  • She answers the question, “Can you have it all” with regard to the split occurring in the breed
  • Approaching Aussie health with a level and educated head.

Links and resources mentioned:

And some photos of Gina and her dogs today:

Gina Larson

Credit: Sliding S Photography

Twin Oaks Do I

Twin Oaks Do I
Photo credit: Dennis Krumpelman – DK Photos

A-Ch Jinn getting his championship - Gina does both conformation and stockdog trialing.

A-Ch Jinn getting his championship – Gina does both conformation and stockdog trialing, along with obedience and agility!

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