Session 3: CA Sharp of ASHGI

CA Sharp

CA and Kira

CA Sharp is the inspiration for this podcast: we’ve been sharing a couple hours in the car for sheep lesson commutes and talking about the dogs and dog clubs (amongst other things) and I was learning so much, I thought more people should have the opportunity to.

She’s also a very well known person in the breed – doing breed health and DNA research and reporting for as long as I can remember – though she’s really a trained accountant and science fiction writer!

In this session, we find out about:

  • How CA Sharp came into the breed (by showing in conformation)
  • About her dogs and the Dragonwyre kennel name
  • What dog shows were like in the early days of ASCA
  • A little about the first ASCA stockdog trial (an invitational)
  • The long road to how ASHGI – the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute got founded
  • Advice for breeders and puppy buyers about maintaining health in the breed
  • More about the Open Health Database and how to use it!

Links and resources mentioned:

And some photos of the dogs CA mentions:

Silver  my first Aussie

Silver my first Aussie





Ch. Meyers Midnight Shadow CD

Ch. Meyers Midnight Shadow CD

Ch Cavalier of Dragonwyre

Ch Cavalier of Dragonwyre

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