Session 5: Terry Martin of Slash V Aussies

Terry Martin is one of the most well-rounded breed influencers you could ask for –  coming up on 50 years in Aussies, a conformation breeder judge, a longtime supplier of Aussies to ranches and other working homes, ASCA board member, committee member, active advocate for dog and animal ownership in the larger political venues, she’s done it all.

Not only that, she’s a huge advocate of preserving the breed she met in the 1970s – her website is a major resource of information, but she’s got so much more to share than that! We’ve barely scratched the surface of things with this hour-long interview.

Please forgive the recording – I use Skype to record it and it went in and out a bit – but the quality is pretty decent otherwise. Sometimes Terry couldn’t hear me, sometimes you can’t hear me – but you get it.

In this session, we learn about:

  • Hear about early dogs like Whiskey’s Taylor and Buena (Byou-na)
  • The founding of ASCA
  • The first shows giving way to the first stockdog trials and tweaks of the stockdog programs
  • Why a lot of people who started out showing conformation quit – and what created that atmosphere
  • Origin of Slash V Aussies
  • People who still use Aussies for ranch work – and why they are still used
  • What does Terry look for in a good ranch dog
  • Her message to the future of Aussies

Links and sources recommended:

Slash V Shining Tide – sire to a lot of current dogs out there

Ticki – Slash V Semisweet, one of the foundations of the line

WTCH Slash V Bittersweet "Possum"

WTCH Slash V Bittersweet

Slash V Steel Smoke – Smokey – a sire to a number of current dogs out there


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