Session 7 – Dana Mackenzie


Dana – pronounced “Dan-a” 🙂

“Wow, that woman sounds incredibly sweet, and incredibly knowledgeable.” – My husband after I recorded this podcast.

That about sums up this podcast. Dana Mackenzie of Hearthstone Aussies is a sometime breeder, longtime judge (for a number of different venues), and professional cattlewoman. When she first got into Aussies, she drove around the country to look at some of the finest. Which dogs are they? Guess you’ll have to listen! (Just kidding, I’ve linked to a few down below.)

I know Dana from trialing under her, but also from seeing her, year after year, video taping ASCA’s Stockdog Finals, which she then sells. We’ll find out why, and what’s changed in the years she’s been doing this.

And finally, I kind of found this interview to be a touch of a bummer at the end – we talk about how the Aussie’s heyday may be in its sunset and how there’s not much to be done, but she feels there’s hope in a very surprising place! One we’ll have to look into further soon!

In this session, we learn about:

  • Some great Aussies
  • What “handling with obedience” means in the stockdog world and why Dana doesn’t like it
  • Aussies with tails as her preference
  • What’s changed in the Aussie stockdog world since the 80s
  • What it’s like to be a stockdog judge
  • Amy Bradley and I are now running the Working Aussie Source!

Links and sources mentioned:

  • WTCh HOF Las Rocosa Kublia Kahn RDX RTCcs – From Video Archives

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